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3 Reasons Being a Networked Storage Expert Can Catapult Big Data Revenue

As a network storage expert, you'll be well-poised to help your customers plan deployments that include all the key infrastructure components they'll need for success.

The effect of a Big Data implementation in an enterprise's data center can't be underestimated. Less a discrete technology than it is a broad movement that places unique pressure on many different points in the IT environment, Big Data requires big knowledge. One of the key areas you should know to maximize your Big Data sales is networked storage. As a network storage expert, you'll be well-poised to help your customers plan deployments that include all the key infrastructure components they'll need for success. Here are three reasons why.

1. The market for storage for Big Data is strong, and growing stronger.

Big Data demands lots of storage. Citing research done by the Aberdeen Group, Computerworld's Stacy Collett wrote that "stored data is growing at 35 percent per year," a growth rate that requires IT departments to "double their storage capacity every 24 to 30 months." How much do you think you could capitalize on that growth? With enough knowledge, that answer is: a lot. But you do need more than just storage expertise. You should be a network storage expert, because …

2. It's not just about storage, but how well it plays with its network.

The thing about Big Data storage is that it doesn't exist merely to store data. In a Big Data implementation, you must run analytics on the data you've collected, and depending on the storage architecture, data may have to be processed on a separate device than the one that stores it. Big Data can drastically increase the amount of east-west traffic flowing within a data center, and that traffic needs to move fast, because one of the key benefits of Big Data is its potential to provide real-time insight into a business's transactions or operations.

"The key requirements of Big Data storage are that it can handle very large amounts of data and keep scaling to keep up with growth, and that it can provide the input/output operations (IOPS) necessary to deliver data to analytics tools," Anthony Adshead observed in ComputerWeekly. Not all storage can, and not all networked storage architectures are good candidates for Big Data. As a network storage expert, you'll be able to give your customers expert guidance in the infrastructure they need to make their Big Data initiative work.

3. Big Data means big business from cloud providers.

Finally, Big Data offers an opportunity to expand your customer base from enterprises to service providers. "The elasticity of the cloud makes it ideal for Big Data analytics," as Jessica Scarpati wrote for TechTarget. Virtualization and the movement toward software-defined everything within cloud providers' data centers will only make the cloud more elastic and therefore even better equipped to handle the sometimes unpredictable spikes and drops in traffic that Big Data can bring. And many cloud providers are already taking advantage of this opportunity by offering Big Data storage and analytics services.

But "the cloud's distributed nature can be problematic for Big Data analysis," Scarpati added. The big problem is around storage: Those providers need elastic, scalable, fast, and high-capacity networked storage that's optimized for Big Data workloads. As a network storage expert, you can make big service provider sales by offering the expertise the cloud providers need to maintain and grow their Big Data business.

All of the above are compelling reasons to become a network storage expert. Are you ready to get started? Your distributor is familiar with every networked storage component they offer and ready to provide resources and training for you to develop the knowledge you need.

Does networked storage expertise play a role in your Big Data sales? Let us know in the comments.

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