There’s a storm a’brewing between two of the channel’s “favorite” companies: Microsoft and Salesforce. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a $26.2 billion acquisition of the professional social network LinkedIn, beating out frenemy Salesforce. It’s the largest Microsoft acquisition in the company’s history, and it has far-reaching implications for the near future of business IT.

The deal has been approved by several countries including the U.S., but is now under scrutiny from the EU following concerns raised by Salesforce during the course of a routine investigation by EU regulators investigating the legality of the deal. 

The two companies started the year as buddies with the announcement of a wide-ranging partnership, despite Microsoft’s past litigation against Salesforce for patent infringement. Following the LinkedIn deal, however, relations cooled rapidly. Last month, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told Bloomberg Television that "when you’re going up against a Microsoft who has all the power and all the money and all the resources -- and kind of that monopolistic control -- you’re at a disadvantage."

Microsoft recently said in a statement that it expects the deal to close before the end of the calendar year, but a protracted EU investigation could drag the process out for months—a result that would probably tickle Benioff, given Salesforce’s latest comments to the European Commission.