Talend, the open source Big Data vendor, has expanded its partner ecosystem through new collaboration with Blue Yonder. Together, the companies will apply software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based predictive analytics to Big Data that exists in a variety of forms.

The partnership centers on Blue Yonder's Forward Demand, an SaaS data analytics platform designed to help businesses extract value from information. The agreement between the two companies will add new "connectors" to the Talend Big Data platform that will make it possible to extract data from a range of sources and analyze them in Forward Demand.

But that's not all. The companies are collaborating in other areas, too, "on projects in numerous sectors including retail, banking, finance, utilities and a range of other vertical markets," according to a statement. They will demonstrate some of their collaborative solutions at upcoming events and webinars accessible online.

To a large degree, the partnership is about streamlining Big Data analytics by allowing customers to analyze the data they need, no matter its source or current state, using the tools they want. That solution, the companies hope, will appeal to customers by saving money and time.

"Working with Talend will bring far-reaching benefits both to ourselves and to our customers," said Ralf Werneth, senior manager, Alliances at Blue Yonder. "Historically, we connected to our customers' data sources using custom interfaces. Data Integration was time-consuming but required to enable access to additional resources of data," he added. "Thanks to Talend’s next generation integration capability our customers can significantly reduce custom development. For the customer, this translates directly into reduced development costs, associated maintenance and improved time-to-value."

"François Chiche, vice president, Alliances at Talend said: "Our partnership with Blue Yonder highlights once again the power of Big Data. Talend collects the data Blue Yonder and its customers need and makes it available to them. Blue Yonder’s strength is supporting data driven decision management and its SaaS Solution Forward Demand delivers precise forecasts from massive volumes of data in real time. It’s a perfect fit."