Xerox (XRX) is working hard to increase profitability for its channel partners with its Personalized Application Builder and enhanced global partner program. The document technology giant has redoubled efforts to help partners succeed to expand in the burgeoning small- and medium-business (SMB) market.

“We’re bringing solutions and services to our channel partners with speed and efficiency so they can capture a piece of the significant SMB document management market opportunity,” said Douraid Zaghouani, president, Channel Partner Operations, Xerox in a prepared statement. “Our mission is to help partners expand their profitable revenue by connecting Xerox technology and services to their unique solutions so they can help their customers simplify everyday business processes.”

The Personalized Application Builder utilizes Xerox’s own set of tools, training and marketing resources so partners can personalize their solutions, including office and managed print services (MPS) as well as production applications, to meet customer requirements, according to the press release. Partners also have the opportunity to brand the solution under their own name. The app builder also includes Xerox software packs and developer kits to create their own software.

The company also is expanding its global partner program to give partners what it said will be an estimated 30 percent increase in benefits. The enhanced program will take cues from Xerox’s success in prior partner programs in an effort to spread the wealth throughout the channel, Zaghouani said.

“We took a holistic view of what program benefits were being offered in the U.S. and Europe and made enhancements that resulted in an immediate uplift to the entire ecosystem, while still serving the unique needs of each channel,” he said.

The enhanced partner program will include a six-fold increase in the amount of solutions content available for partners, such as new campaigns, templates and the ability to send automated email campaigns. The program also will include a new SmartPad app for mobile sales, product migration tools and virtual demos.