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T.C. Doyle is a writer, editor and video storyteller who has covered the IT industry for more than two decades for media companies and one of the industry’s largest technology vendors. As Senior Content Director for Penton Channel, he oversees the editorial direction of The VAR Guy, MSPmentor, Talkin’Cloud and the WHIR. Previously, he held senior editorial positions at several media companies and is the former Editor@Large at Cisco. He  where he collaborated on “Doing Both,” a thought-leadership book that made the bestseller lists of both The New York Times and Amazon.com. A frequent speaker at IT industry events and trade shows, Mr. Doyle is the author of more than 1,000 technology news articles, columns, features and profiles. He resides in Park City, Utah.

Before you finalize your travel agenda, product mix or go-to-market strategy for
The Doyle Report: Five Questions to Expect from Prospective Customers
Would you like fries with that? Where do you see yourself in five years? How would you describe the pain on a scale from 1-10?
The Doyle Report: Do Vendor Certifications Still Matter?
Just a few years ago, it was commonplace for a customer proposal to include the names and types of vendor certifications technology partners were expected to bring to the table. Today? Not so much.
Institutional lying is as old as civilization. But how it takes root and spreads
The Doyle Report: Don’t Labor Under “Alternative Facts”
Culture eats strategy for breakfast, or so the saying goes.
From earnings to presentations, the week ahead is chock full of moments that wil
The Doyle Report: Five Days That Will Reveal Volumes
With the holidays, bowl games and Presidential inauguration behind us, it’s time to get down to the business of 2017. Come Friday, we will know more about what to expect from this pivotal year.
The Doyle Report: Value is Driving Sales Today, Not Upgrades
The Doyle Report: Value is Driving Sales Today, Not Upgrades
Today, consumers are holding onto their mobile smart devices longer than ever between upgrades. Compared to 2011, consumers now keep their phones seven months longer before refreshing them.
The Doyle Report: The Past, Present and Future of the Channel Explained
The Doyle Report: The Past, Present and Future of the Channel Explained
If you want to understand the industry’s past, present and future, it helps to have a working understanding of each. There may be no better person to provide perspective on these than CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux.
CompTIA Acquires AITP to Jumpstart New IT Professional Association
CompTIA hopes to build a world class trade association for professionals who turned to the Chicago-based trade association for basic tech training and certification in the early part of their careers and who now can use some ongoing education or may be in a position to recruit new workers.
The Doyle Report: Startup Culture and Women in IT
Thinking about starting a new business or division in 2017? Then check out this podcast with former IBM ecosystem GM and current startup advisor Sandy Carter.
The Doyle Report: Trump and the Offshore Phenomenon 1
Come February, the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) will eliminate 100 IT support jobs and ship them off to India as part of a broader plan by the University system to save as much as $30 million over five years, according to a report from National Public Radio (NPR).
The Doyle Report: The Best Books and Longreads of 2016
Had a chance to take a look at the Twitter feed of Bill Gates of late? If you have, you no doubt noticed Gates himself photographed by a Christmas Tree with a stack of bestsellers at his side.
The Doyle Report: New Horizons 2017: 5 Ideas That Will Shape Your World
The editors-in-chief of the Penton Technology Channels Group have put their collective heads together to single out five companies, five innovations, five ideas and five people that will shape your world in 2017.
The Doyle Report: Is 2017 Shaping Up to Be a Banner Year?
The Doyle Report: Is 2017 Shaping Up to Be a Banner Year?
With the end of the year at hand, expectations for 2017 abound. In addition to predictions on hot tech trends, economic forecasts are starting to emerge.
The Doyle Report: Could a Chatbot or Robot Take Your Job?
Humans have always feared the power of their own creations. From Frankenstein’s monster to Oedipus, we tend to believe we have the creative potential to destroy ourselves.
The Doyle Report: Getting Big by Going Small
The Doyle Report: Getting Big by Going Small
Ever feel lost amid a sea of information and communications technology (ICT) business consultants who offer similar services, prices and expertise? Then maybe you need a market niche, which is somewhat different than a specialization created by a vendor for a set of partners.
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