Seth Robinson

Sr. Director, Technology Analysis,,

Seth Robinson is the senior director of technology analysis for CompTIA, the leading trade association for the IT industry. In this role, he analyzes technology trends in the IT industry and provides insight into trend drivers and future direction. Seth has led research studies on cloud computing, mobility, Big Data, and IT security, among other areas. Previously, he spent 10 years in processor development at IBM, building the chips for the Xbox360, PS3, and Wii U. He has been cited in various media outlets, including Wall Street Journal and USA Today, for his thoughts on how businesses are using technology and how the role of IT is changing.

Making Sense of Emerging Technology
In a time when technology is causing all manner of disruption, allow me to state the obvious: IT looks a bit different than it did 10 years ago.
CompTIA's Seth Robinson on how all of 2017's most-hyped tech has its roots in th
Looking Into the Cloud-Based Future
It’s the end of the year, and along with the grocery lists for parties and the lengthy wish lists from the kids, all good research analysts are building their lists of predictions for 2017.
Building a Services Culture
Building a Services Culture
A few weeks ago, we had Annette Taber as a guest on CompTIA’s Volley podcast. Annette is CompTIA’s VP in charge of industry councils, and she joined the podcast to discuss the work of the councils and the plans they are making to address future channel shifts.
New IT
A New Way of Thinking About IT
It’s not exactly news to say that technology is a big deal for business these days. Even with a long history of companies using computing, there has recently been a tipping point in the world becoming digital and organizations following suit.
CompTIA State of the Cloud
The Devil’s in the Details with Cloud
When you’re doing research, it’s great to see data that reinforces trends you’ve identified in the past. Especially with studies that are repeated on a regular basis, there’s hope and expectation that new findings will show steady progress in the themes from earlier years.
Three Things I Learned from ChannelCon

I definitely had my hands full last week at CompTIA’s ChannelCon event, between presenting for our cloud community, talking about our Buying Guide to IT Security and several conversations with members about the latest industry shifts.

Finding Opportunity in the Internet of Things

Is the Internet of Things just another hype machine, or does it truly hold opportunities for the IT channel? CompTIA has been keeping an eye on this trend for the past few years, and its latest research on the topic goes into more depth than ever. This year, we examined both the channel viewpoint on IoT along with end-user activity to give us a comprehensive understanding of demand and supply.

Building on the Four Pillars of IT

The field of IT has so many wonderful new toys to play with. Cloud computing may be a little 2008-ish, but it’s still a major force in the industry. IoT is hot today, with a lot of companies ready to move past the hype and start implementing. And on-the-horizon trends like VR or AI promise even more disruption in the near future. But how much do all of these things really disrupt the IT function?

Linux or Bust: Why Businesses Can’t Ignore This Growing Trend

It used to be a clear sign of geekiness. People who were into Linux would rave about its benefits and flexibility…as long as you knew how to install your own OS, dig around for the hardware drivers you needed, and be a master of command-line instructions. For a world building technical literacy through more user-friendly front-end systems, Linux was a niche reserved for technology enthusiasts.

Let’s Talk About Security

It’s been nearly 10 years since we began talking about how cloud computing and mobility will reshape the IT landscape. Over the last decade, cloud migrations have taken place, mobile devices have been distributed to the workforce, and companies are leveraging new platforms including Big Data, Internet of Things and more.

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