Marie Alonso


Marie Alonso is an online marketing and media strategist at Paragon Solutions, a leading IT company. She contributes business-driven content to The VAR Guy regularly.

Social Ownership: 3 Social Branding Mistakes To Avoid  1

Now more than ever, social media is providing businesses with the platform, exposure and increasingly visual opportunity to create, promote and validate branding. Social media for B2B and B2C enterprises of all sizes, markets and disciplines is ripe for brand engagement—but tweet carefully! The most creative social media branding campaigns can crumble with one poorly timed post.

4 Brand-Building Content Tactics to Leverage Now 

Brand engagement is all about content—the single most essential element in brand-defining social media, lead generation and online marketing campaigns. To be successful at brand engagement, content needs to inspire, inform and delight to build market identity and nurture opportunities for business leadership.

No Mobile-Friendly Site? No Google Love!

Google (GOOG) is experimenting with special ranking for mobile-friendly sites. That’s right, if your site earns Google’s new ‘Mobile-Friendly’ approval, you may be rewarded with a ranking boost—higher search results thanks to living mobile-friendly.

3 Strategies to Brand Publish in 2015

As brands move away from traditional advertising and marketing strategies to embrace the power of content marketing, the rise in brand publishing is accelerating.

Is Your Business Making Headlines? 3 Tips To Pitching Reporters

When was the last time your business received recognition in the media? Obviously, running a successful business should merit some attention from time to time, but unfortunately being a tremendously driven entrepreneur or the CEO of an award-winning business serving 10,000-plus customers is not always enough to win recognition by a reporter.

Why Blogging Can Save Your Business

Blogging can save your business. True or false? Let's face it, probably false. Without exceptional products, services, expertise, lead generation and customer service, a business will not flourish. Blogging is not a miracle for poor best practices. Still, blogging can revitalize a business that is lacking in branding outreach and positive awareness. It compliments overall marketing campaigns and establishes a true thought leadership for a company or its CEO.

You Tweeted What? 3 Tips to Survive Social Media Disaster

You are working your social media—religiously. Still, mistakes happen. The poorly timed Tweet. The politically sensitive Facebook image. The not-such-a-great-idea hashtag. The clever post that showed the world you don’t follow current news. The unfortunate late Friday afternoon tweet when your social media manager forgot he was not on his personal Twitter account.

Small Business Optimism Index Hits Highest Level Since 2007

On June 10, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) released the May edition of its Small Business Optimism Index, and it’s great news!

The Personal Cloud Is Trending Up – Way, Way Up! 1

Personal clouds are going to control your world. Well, that may be overkill—or is it? According to a new report, the personal cloud is trending high, with Apple (AAPL), Dropbox, Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) dominating the rapidly advancing landscape of personal cloud cornerstones.

ERP Implementation Issues Trumpet Need for Project Champions 1

A majority of organizations engaged in ERP initiatives are experiencing extended implementation durations and over-budget scenarios. Still, despite implementation woes, organizations report high levels of satisfaction with ERP successes—and the confirmation that they would do it all over again if necessary, according to a new study from Panorama Consulting, a Denver-based consulting firm specializing in the global ERP market.

Hooray! LinkedIn Opens Publishing Platform to All Members

LinkedIn made 25,000 content sharers very happy last week with the announcement it is expanding its publishing platform to eventually allow all users—ALL USERS—the opportunity to write and share posts. Starting immediately, 25,000 English language LinkedIn members will have the ability to publish content on LinkedIn. The company will be steadily expanding the capability to all members in multiple languages over the next few months.

Want Your PPC Campaign to Work? Hire a Google Partner

Marketing dollars are not always easy to come by, for any business. In the battle for marketing dollars, many businesses can be divided—even fractured—when it comes to allocating funds to support marketing initiatives, especially online marketing. Yet, without progressive online marketing, companies can falter and even break apart.

Maximize the Hottest Website Design Trend: Be Responsive!

Everyone likes to be entertained, informed and even inspired, especially when they have limited time—and everyone’s time is limited. Businesses looking to be fiercely competitive with web design creativity are magnifying the latest trends in responsive websites to supercharge viewer engagement and retention, especially with mobile devices on the rise.

True, web design trends change every year, as new tools emerge for delivering a flexible user experience that appeals to everyone – from laptop loyalists to tablet and smartphone enthusiasts.

Did Google's SEO Guru Kill Guest Blogging? 1

Earlier this week, Google’s (GOOG) SEO defender, guardian and cautious warrior Matt Cutts posted a blog citing the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO. Normally, one expert’s blog update does not cause social media mass hysteria, but, as head of Google’s Webspam Team, Cutts is no ordinary expert.

3 Top Trends Fierce CIOs Are Driving In 2014

You don’t often think of the term "fierce" when you think of CIOs, but that is exactly what CIOs are: fierce. Of course, one online publication is a trumpet for the fiercest of today’s CIOs—FierceCIO.

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