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Don't Steal the Spotlight from Sales Reps: 10 Tips

Salespeople love bringing technical consultants, system engineers, business owners, and (in the right context) sales managers on their sales calls — and for very obvious reasons. Most notably, assembling a team of experts and unleashing them on a prospect often illustrates the depth of the company’s expertise and communicates the viability of the business.

Technical Paralysis: Why Your Sales Team Might Be Struggling to Perform 1

In many industries, salespeople believe their value lies in their intimate knowledge of the products they sell. If they’re selling cars, salespeople often feel compelled to know everything about every nut and bolt on the vehicle. If they’re selling medical devices, salespeople believe they need to speak the language of the doctors they engage—forgetting, of course, that those practitioners went to school for nearly a decade to learn that language.

3 Tips to Generate Quality Leads and Comply with CASL

In my last post for The VAR Guy, I talked about the important differences between implied and explicit consent, and revealed why (thanks to new Canadian anti-spam legislation) the latter is about to become incredibly critical to VARs with Canadian prospects or customers.

Is Your Business At Risk of Violating New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation? 21

Email consent compliance has been important for businesses to understand—and adhere to—for more than a decade. Essentially, existing legislation in the United States (known as CAN-SPAM) requires companies to get clear and very specific consent (or opt-in) from prospects and customers before they begin sending direct marketing messages to their inbox.

Fix These 4 Problems to Improve Your Lead Generation Effectiveness

Last month, I attended the quarterly HTG Peer Groups sales summit in Dallas, where I spoke to six different HTG chapters. Out of four possible topics we could focus on at the Summit—new business development and prospecting challenges, hiring top performing salespeople, building effective sales compensation plans, and lead generation and nurturing strategy/execution—which one do you think resonated most with attendees?

Pick Your Lead Generation Mantra to Live By

At some point, most of us have known someone who bounced around from relationship to relationship, never really investing enough of their time or energy into determining whether they were truly compatible with any one person.

Three Criteria for Useful Sales Opportunity Forecasting

A large sales forecast is every business owners’ dream. The rule of thumb is that to achieve your revenue objectives the sales pipeline should include three to four times your goal. The challenge comes when everything in the pipeline enters the opportunity forecast.

Misguided Sales Beliefs that Wreak Havoc on Business Results

As most success VAR sales managers know, sales success has a lot to do with consistency. Whether it’s performing repetitive prospecting to properly attract and nurture prospects, adhering to the proposal strategies that have proven to deliver results, or conforming to a tried-and-true sales process, there’s a certain degree of discipline required to succeed in sales.

Why Your Sales Forecasts are Failing to Deliver Real Value

In sales, a forecast can be like a GPS system for a business—showing you where your company stands right now, illuminating the most direct path to where you want to go and helping you stay focused on the activities and opportunities that are most likely to help the company achieve key sales objectives.

Why Sending More Emails Won’t Improve Lead-Generation Response Rates

If you follow my blog or newsletter regularly, you’ve probably read an article or two about the “Glimpse Factor”—a term I coined to describe the filtering mechanism most people use to determine if they really want (or need) to read a particular email.

Executing an Email Campaign? This Should Be Your Primary Goal

We’ve all done it—sat down at the computer, crafted a prospecting or lead generation email message, and thought to ourselves, “This content is so compelling and rich with insight that there’s no way prospects will ignore it; the response rates are going to be through the roof!”

10 Easy Ways to Maximize Sales Process Effectiveness

Professional services and technology—two things VAR businesses intimately understand—are all about processes. Whether it’s project processes, help desk processes, implementation processes or maintenance processes, each of those operations ensures the business runs smoothly and customers extract the most value from your company’s offerings.

Do Your Prospecting Voicemails Sound Robotically Redundant?

Recently, I decided it might finally be time to buy new car. After all, my 25-year-old Honda Accord—despite still possessing the capability to reliably get me from point A to point B—is almost as old as Mark Zuckerberg.

Selling via Email: A Case Study

Email is the new phone in today’s sales world. It’s currently one of the most effective online customer acquisition tools, according to this post from Wired, ranking just behind organic search and paid advertising, but ahead of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Want to Improve Your Email Lead-Gen? Avoid These Mistakes

As recently as 10 years ago, sales prospecting was largely done over the phone or in person. You’d pick up the phone, call a list of prospects, leave a few voice mails and hope to convince a few decision-makers to give you more than 10 seconds to talk.

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