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Transitioning to Cloud Sales: Does Your Team Have What It Takes?

Imagine for a moment that you’re shopping for a new car. You go to the dealership, test drive a few of the new models available, experience each vehicle’s unique features and, eventually, pick the one that best suits your needs.

Stop Wasting Your Time: Qualify Prospects Using This Criterion

Here’s a situation every VAR salesperson should be familiar with: You’ve identified a lead, nurtured the contact, qualified the opportunity and prepared a proposal you think is fair for both your business and the customer’s. Then, seemingly out of the blue, you get that dreaded call or email. You know, the one in which the prospect reveals they can’t afford to make a change after all.

Stop Chasing Unicorns and Learn to Let Unqualified Leads Go

The other day I was chatting with the executive vice president of Sales for one of our VAR customers, who lamented his sales team’s propensity to let unqualified opportunities linger in the pipeline despite the unlikelihood of them every closing. This executive’s reps were convinced those opportunities eventually would close—they just weren’t ready yet.

Helpful Hints to Move Your Prospects Past Status Quo

One of the biggest challenges salespeople face is getting prospects to move out of their comfort zones. Status quo is a known entity, and it’s often perceived as the safer option when instituting significant change is the alternative.

Neglect This Group, Ignore Revenue Growth Opportunities

In sales, much of our focus is often directed toward new client acquisition with prospecting and moving qualified opportunities through the sales process—and, for the most part, it should be. After all, how can you grow your businesses if you aren’t perpetually attracting and closing new customers?

Cloud Services Proposals Not Closing? Here's Why

You’ve done everything right. You’ve met with a prospective customer in person, verified that the company has the budget for your managed cloud services, submitted an affordable proposal for those services and convinced the decision-maker to verbally commit to a deal.

Q1 is Almost Over. Is Your 2014 Campaign Strategy Producing?

With the start of spring now less than a month away, I’m sure most of us are beginning to daydream about the prospect of sunshine and summer vacation, and the (hopefully) final disappearance of the polar vortex. But let’s not throw on our flip-flops and shut down our computers just yet.

If Your Salespeople Aren’t Driven by Competition or Recognition, Try This

Editor’s note: This is the third part of a three-part series on sales motivation. The first and second posts focused on how to use competition and recognition as sales rep motivators.

Struggling to Motivate Your Sales Team? You’re Probably Overlooking This 2

Editor’s note: This is the second post in a three-part series on sales motivation. The first post focused on the importance of building competition into your sales team’s everyday activities, and the third post will explore the affect team success can have on motivation.

How to Use Competition as a Sales Rep Motivator

If you regularly read my contributions to this site, you probably know that I’m an avid skier. I live in Denver, Colo.—a haven for outdoor sports, and a city that’s just a couple of hours from some of the best ski resorts in the country (Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, etc.).

5 Questions that Lead to Powerful Customer Testimonials 2

In almost any context, a well-written customer testimonial can be hugely impactful. In fact, those stamps of approval often replace the need for customer reference checks because they serve as validation of your offerings’ value proposition and confirmation of your company’s capabilities. Simply put, testimonials instill confidence in your prospects’ minds and, ultimately, help you close sales faster.

When Options Avoid Heated Price Negotiations

When you go to a dealership to buy a car, it’s no mistake that you’re presented with myriad options. Want a black car with tan leather, GPS, stow-away back seats, and surround-sound speakers? No problem. Prefer a hybrid vehicle with cloth seats and no frills? You can probably get that, too.

The argument for providing that diversity of options is twofold: It ensures that the customer gets what they want and need, and it takes some of the attention away from price.

In the world of VAR selling, the same is often true.

Selling via Email: A Case Study

Email is the new phone in today’s sales world. It’s currently one of the most effective online customer acquisition tools, according to this post from Wired, ranking just behind organic search and paid advertising, but ahead of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Do Your Prospecting Voicemails Sound Robotically Redundant?

Recently, I decided it might finally be time to buy new car. After all, my 25-year-old Honda Accord—despite still possessing the capability to reliably get me from point A to point B—is almost as old as Mark Zuckerberg.

Black Monday: 8 Tips to Avoid the Fate of Failed NFL Coaches

Last week, the NFL “celebrated” one of its annual rights of passage—Black Monday. On that day (the first Monday after the regular season ends), a handful of coaches around the league often find their heads on the proverbial chopping block, and this year was certainly no different.

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