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Solution Providers Prepare for Windows 10 Launch

The highly anticipated release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 is just a week away and solution providers are making preparations. The official availability date is July 29.

Is the Bloom off the Apple?

Wall Street is a fickle beast. Immediately after Apple reported a near $11 billion profit for its third quarter, its stock dropped nearly 7 percent in after-market trading to $121 a share from a close of $130.75. Regardless of the “spectacular” quarter the company claimed it enjoyed, its subsequent follow-up call with analysts caused reason for concern moving forward.

Big Data is Big Business 2

Big Data: We hear so much about it. Employees and organizations are creating, storing, using and accessing more data than they know what to do with. Through the use of mobile devices, massive amounts of data is being manipulated and shared and organizations are having a hard time not only keeping it secure but also leveraging all of this data to their benefit.

Overall IT Spending Dropping, Device Growth Slowing

On the surface, the news has gone from bad to worse for the IT industry. Just one week after stating worldwide IT spending is expected to drop 5.5 percent this year, research firm Gartner announced that overall device shipments are expected to grow only 1.5 percent, down from the 2.8 percent it originally expected for 2015.

Technology Causing Major Operations Shift

Technology is constantly evolving. As a result, organizations need to evolve with it. The permeation of cloud and mobile technology is forcing companies of all sizes to dramatically change the way they go to market, reach customers and operate internally, according to a recent CompTIA study, “Building Digital Organizations.”

Companies Still Relying Too Much on 'Old School' Communications

The world is going mobile fast and it is not going to slow down. For organizations to keep up, they need to embrace the way their customers and employees communicate. This is specifically true when working with Millennials entering the workplace.

Taylor Swift 1, Apple 0

No one likes a bully. And at some point there is always a tougher kid on the block.

Making the Most of Your Corporate Meetings

It’s a staple of the business world: The yearly—or sometimes a little more frequently—gathering of all employees or a certain group. It involves flying employees into a specific location, hotel nights, dinners, booking conference rooms and other venues.

Tech Industry Rallies Round Trade Agenda, But Should It?

The U.S. House of Representatives approved President Obama’s Trade Promotion Authority agenda after failing to do so the week before and the bill will now head to the Senate where there is no guarantee it will survive.

IT Customer Service on the Rise

Over the years, IT customer service as gotten a bad reputation. Most employees would blame their IT department automatically when something went wrong with their device, computer or network.

Customer Experience Priorities Shifting

Service providers, pay attention: Customers are changing their priorities and technology is the catalyst.

Top Security Areas Solution Providers Must Focus on 1

Security breaches are running wild. By all accounts, 2014 was the most active year for hackers, spammers and cyber criminals, and all experts agree that 2015 will be even worse.

China Hacking Scandal Provides Opportunities For Solution Providers

Winston Churchill once said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." However, most people usually attribute that to quote to former White House Chief of Staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who a few years ago actually said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste."

Internet of Things Spending Exploding

Good news for service providers. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to gain steam with businesses embracing the scalability, efficiencies and opportunities it presents.


In fact, the IoT is expected to increase to $1.7 trillion by 2020 from $655.8 billion last year, according to new research by International Data Corp. This amounts to a 16.9 percent compound annual growth rate.

Symantec Maintains Strong Lead in Security Software, McAfee Gaining Ground

The worldwide security market continues to grow, to no surprise, and Symantec continues to dominate the landscape. However, Symantec’s lead is narrowing as other vendors grow market share. Those are the most recent findings, according to IT research company Gartner.

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