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Mobility the Driving Force Behind Facebook Success

Facebook (FB) recorded record profits for its second quarter and solution providers should take notice, because it reinforces not only the tremendous growth of social media but, more specifically, the important role mobility is playing among tech users.

Top Ways to Change to a Services-Based Model

The channel community has undergone a tremendous transformation over the last decade-plus. Solution providers have shifted their business models from hardware and packaged software supplier to one offering more support and break-fix services and now one that includes more comprehensive managed services.

Vacation Time! 4 Tips to Keep Work Humming While You're Gone

There used to be a mentality in the business community that taking vacations wasn’t necessary. Many believed business was more important than any other aspect of your life, and any extended time away from the office was non-productive and, worse, showed a lack of loyalty.

Are PCs Making a Comeback?

Retro is cool. Everything from the 1980s now appears to be big business. Well, maybe not everything—sorry, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, a.k.a, Vanilla Ice: Some things were just never cool.

3 Easy Ways to Invest in Your Employees and Boost Retention

Employees are more empowered than ever. With the onslaught of mobile devices and computing power they now have in their own houses, most workers are now fully able to do their jobs even when they're away from the office. While this is certainly mostly good news for companies because of the increase in productivity, organizations still have a responsibility to invest in the success of their workers.

IBM Mainframe Turns 50: Is There Still Gold in Them Thar Hills?

This year IBM celebrates the 50th anniversary of the famed System/360 mainframe. And at the same time it officially recognized this historic computing technology that changed the world, the company unveiled new cloud services for businesses.

3 Ideas to Motivate Employees in the Summer

Summer has officially begun and many people already have put their brains in vacation mode. During the next two months organizations will be struggling with motivating their employees and keeping them focused on building the business instead of the beach, golf course, pool or other summer fun activity.

Gartner's Security Top 10 Puts Solution Providers in Equation 1

The mobile and cloud movements have created a tremendous inflection point for the IT industry. The combination of these two technologies have forced businesses to rethink their business models, forced IT into different support and implementation roles and created more value for solution providers, who are the very linchpin of integrating them into business.

3 Most Important Criteria When Hiring

Bringing someone into your organization is perhaps one of the most important business decisions you will make. Every employee is an extension of your brand and how they represent your company reflects your company.

Wearables are Coming: Are You Ready?

We saw it with mobile phones. We saw it with tablets. We will see it with wearable devices. Consumers are driving enterprise technology adoption and forcing the business world to adapt to their way of technology preference and the wearable market is next.

Forced Elephant Hunting Is Never A Good Idea

Well, it’s that time of year, when you have a pretty good idea how revenue is going to add up. We are about halfway through 2014 and, as a business owner and operator, you are doing one of three things:

Cloud, Mobile Collision Underline Critical Role of MSPs

Technology worlds are colliding, causing the Perfect Storm for organizations that aren't prepared and causing tremendous opportunities for solution providers that are.

SBA Makes More Lending Tools Available for SMBs

Small- and medium-business owners have a lot on their plates, to say the least: They need to have a vision for sales growth, constantly must keep up with market changes, have to know their competitors and continually make sure their business is running efficiently. This is especially true for solution providers, who also need to stay ahead of the fastest moving industry around.

Security Market Forecast: Troubles Ahead Spell Opportunities

The online world is growing more dangerous. As much as security protection has advanced, new, more sophisticated threats are cropping up every day. While this is always an opportunity for solution providers, it's time-consuming to make sure customers are protected—especially as the world moves more toward mobile devices and cloud computing and needs to deal with Big Data.

Why Your Sales Team Is Not Closing Business 1

Sales professionals come in all shapes and sizes. And while each has his or her own method of customer relations and sales approach, the one common denominator is they all want to make money. Then why is it that some salespeople can sell ice to Eskimos and others can’t close even a door?

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Mellanox SX1012 Ethernet Switches for Scalable Networks

Mellanox describes its SX1012 Ethernet Switch family...More

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