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Elliot Markowitz is a veteran in channel publishing. He served as an editor at CRN for 11 years, was editorial director of webcasts and events at Ziff Davis, and also built the webcast group as editorial director at Nielsen Business Media. He's served in senior leadership roles across several channel brands.

Tech Jobs on the Rise, and They’re Paying Well 

The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows continued disappointment in the job market. Although non-farm employees added 223,000 jobs in April compared to what the BLS originally believed was 126,000 in March, the number was below what expected. Adding insult to injury, the BLS also corrected its March figures to just 85,000 jobs added.

Service Provider Dilemma: How to Manage Contractors Efficiently

No service provider can be all things to all customers. At some point it has to make a decision to acquire the appropriate skill sets to fill the need, partner with another service provider for a specific project or not offer that particular service.

SBA Makes it Easier to Access Capital Online

Earlier this month President Obama proclaimed the week of May 4-8 as Small Business Week to celebrate the impact small businesses have had on the country and raise awareness of their needs. This year’s theme was “Dream Big, Start Small” and incorporated a slew of live events and webcasts focusing on many entrepreneurial topics such as trade, lending for small businesses, veteran support, targeting millennial entrepreneurs and innovation.

CompTIA Forms Emerging Technologies Committee

For more than 30 years CompTIA has been an advocate for the channel providing resellers, VARs and solution providers with the latest training and certification, interactive live forums to help shape vendor programs and lobbying on their behalf on Capitol Hill.

3 Benefits to Outsourcing, if Done Correctly 1

Many people when they hear the word “outsourcing” they immediately think of jobs elimination, deep cost-cutting and subpar customer service. But the facts are that if done right, outsourcing certain functions should create more opportunities and help grow a company.

IDC: Tablet Shipments Continue to Drop

It may seem like everyone around has one, but maybe that is why the tablet market isn’t growing any more. Unlike its cousin, the cellphone, businesses and people seem to be holding onto to their current tablets longer and not in such a hurry to upgrade.

IT Rollout Dilemma: Speed vs. Scalability. Why Not Both?

It’s a decision all solution providers must face when approaching the best way to implement an IT rollout to a customer. What is more important: scalability, efficiency, and accuracy or speed and agility?

IBM Making Cloud Inroads

There is no argument IBM is a company in transition. Its traditional revenue streams from hardware, specifically servers, are suffering as the industry moves forward with mobility and services. I’ve beat up on IBM in this space in the past but I also have to give credit where credit is due. There is a silver lining in IBM’s business and that is its emerging cloud offering, pun intended.

Are You Successfully Embracing Millennials?

Millennials, those between the ages of 18 and early 30s, are coming into the workplace in full force and the business world must adopt. They are not only your future employees but will be the face of your customers and even suppliers.

2016 Presidential Race Heats Up: Why You Should Take Notice

The 2016 run for the White House is starting to heat up, with many candidates officially throwing their hats in the ring over the last few weeks. The general election may be 18 months away, but the primaries are coming soon and the field is starting to get crowded. In all probability, we will see even more candidates come forward in the coming weeks.

Show Me the Money: eCommerce Sales Surging 1

Many businesses are shifting their purchasing preferences and every organization needs to keep up or they put themselves at risk. Online transactions have become easier than ever before and companies are leveraging the power of the Internet to their advantage and conduct business more efficiently.

Is IT Spending Finally Hitting a Wall? Not So Fast, Chicken Little

Can the great IT spending boom finally reached its peak? Are customers—business and personal—finally going to slow down their technology adoption? Is the sky really falling?

3 Pillars of a Successful Marketing Campaign 1

Solution providers—most small businesses for that matter—usually are not the savviest marketers. Most owners and operators are focused on customers and bottom-line operations and, as a result, neglect to have a solid marketing strategy.

Solution Providers See Growth Opportunities in Security Services

It is critical for solution providers not only to be current with the services they are offering but also to know where the IT market is going to service their customers for the long term.

3 Easy Steps to Successfully Manage Customer Expectations 

Today’s customers can be intensely demanding. It is nearly impossible to please them 100 percent of the time and there are some that seem to be never happy. Sometimes it is even better to walk away from such unruly customers rather than subject your team of professionals to them.

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Mellanox SX1012 Ethernet Switches for Scalable Networks

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