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Elliot Markowitz is a veteran in channel publishing. He served as an editor at CRN for 11 years, was editorial director of webcasts and events at Ziff Davis, and also built the webcast group as editorial director at Nielsen Business Media. He's served in senior leadership roles across several channel brands.

Biggest Threat to Security: China?

With a crippling cold front hammering the United States and the Northeast seeing record snowfall in November, most companies are turning their attention to protecting their businesses and information in case of a natural disaster. However, disturbing news broke this week that the biggest threat facing businesses and our way of life in general will most likely come from another country.

5 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Image

In today’s world, many times perception is reality. It’s sad but oh so true. There are so many avenues available for companies to reach out to their prospective or current customer base. But despite the advantages mobility, the Web and social media have offered in helping organizations get their message out, it has made it easier for customers to get information easily. Sometimes that is not such a good thing.

The Good, the Bad and Net Neutrality 4

So the debate over net neutrality is rising again after President Obama recently said he is calling for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate broadband services. While the basis of the president’s argument hinges on the idea of protecting all consumers’ ability to access content through the Internet, does that make the idea of net neutrality a good one? It is fair? Will it empower consumers and users, or handcuff service providers and innovation?

The Single Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

Most solution provider leaders started out working in an IT shop somewhere. They obviously have the technical know-how and vision to see where the industry is going and have developed the skillsets to get their customers there.

Cloud Barriers Fall But Challenges Rise 1

By all accounts, cloud computing is the future of the IT industry and will touch every business and consumer in some way, shape or form. That is not to say that every IT function will be transformed over to the cloud, nor should be, but application by application businesses are embracing cloud technologies because of the low barrier of entry, efficiency and flexibility it creates.

Looking For Talent? 5 Benefits To Promoting Within First

Companies are constantly restructuring, reorganizing, right-sizing ... whatever you want to call it. The point is, businesses are always looking at growth opportunities and for talented people to get them there.

Top 10 Cloud Computing Myths

There is no argument that cloud computing has permeated all industries, changing the way businesses back up, store, access, secure and retrieve data. But as with any technology transformation, with this evolution also comes confusion. And where there is confusion, there is opportunity for managed service providers to supply the answers.

Voting Doesn’t Have to be Political, It’s Good For Business

The mid-term elections are less than a week away and it’s time for Americans to exercise their rights, make their voices heard and cast their votes. Even though this election year doesn’t have the grandeur of a presidential election, it’s extremely important nonetheless, and for many reasons.

IBM May Have Won the Battles, But Apple Won the War

It was a battle that raged nearly as long as the cold war ... okay, maybe not that long, but is sure seems it: IBM (IBM) vs. Apple (AAPL). IBM had its legacy, installed base, name recognition and billions in R&D to fight off Apple in corporate America. And it worked for a long time.

Got the Flu? Stay Home!

The flu season is almost upon us, and along with it are those infected employees who show up at work regardless of their symptoms, sharing their misery and germs with the rest of us. There also are those companies that embrace such actions. Let's call out both groups: Their actions are stupid and selfish, plain and simple.

Tablet Sales Slowing, But Keep Your Mobility Shingle Hanging

Don’t be fooled. Tablet sales may be slowing, but the mobile migration is continuing. As a solution provider you need to continue sharpening your mobile device management, integration and security service skills, because that is where the market is still heading.

To Fire or Not to Fire? Dealing with Unproductive Workers

Troubled employees lead to troubled companies. But when is it the right time to throw in the towel with an employee?

Best of Times, Worst of Times: A Tale of Two HPs

After year of industry debate among IT experts, researchers, leaders, pundits and even inside Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) itself as to whether the company should get out of the PC and printing business, the company finally made a choice. Or did it really?

Choose Your Managers Carefully

What is a manager? What are the responsibilities of a manager? How has that changed and evolved over the years as different generations of employees have different behavioral patterns and ways of being motivated? This last question is crucial for today’s businesses because the future rides on embracing the differences between Generation X, Y and, now, millennials. And let’s face it. Not everyone is up to the task.

Finding Joy in the Job

Most people don't particularly get joy or tremendous satisfaction out of their work. After all, there's a reason why it's called a job. If you are one of those who enjoys your work, consider yourself fortunate.

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Mellanox SX1012 Ethernet Switches for Scalable Networks

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