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Elliot Markowitz is a veteran in channel publishing. He served as an editor at CRN for 11 years, was editorial director of webcasts and events at Ziff Davis, and also built the webcast group as editorial director at Nielsen Business Media. He's served in senior leadership roles across several channel brands.

Ellison’s Departure Signals End of an Era, Dawn of New IT Age

If Paul Simon wrote technology jingles, instead of singing, “Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?" he may have sung, “Where have you gone Larry Ellison?” Or, “Where have you gone Steve Jobs?” or Bill Gates, or Steve Ballmer, or Scott McNealy, or Andy Grove, or Charles Wang, or Philippe Kahn, or Jim Manzi ...

In an Uncertain Economy, it Pays to Push Forward

The economic environment is looking dim. Companies are not hiring at the rate previously expected, more Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce and small businesses are not getting the access to credit they need. Add to this escalated tension in the Mideast and the uncertainty still surrounding the Affordable Healthcare Act, and you have a climate making companies gun-shy about making any capital investments or increase spending on anything.

Managed Print Services: Low Entry Barrier, High Opportunity

Solution providers are always asking how they can continue to push their business model forward. They are looking to align their skill sets with where the market is growing, but need to find the lowest barrier of entry.

5 Ways to Navigate Through the Communications Chaos

The business world is rapidly changing. Mobile devices, cloud computing, the retirement of Baby Boomers and the influx of Millennials are all having an impact on the way organizations communicate internally and with their customers. The new Apple devices hitting the market will only accelerate this. There may be no “I” in team, but every team has someone with an iPhone, iPod or, coming soon, iWatch (or call it by its proper name, the Apple Watch).

Why the Channel Should Care About Apple’s Big News

Apple’s (AAPL) much-hyped new product unveiling next week is causing quite a buzz around the entire world. The question for solution providers is, however, should they even care?

3 Tips To Make Budget Season Go Smoother

It’s that time of year again: Kids are back at school and CFOs and business managers are scrambling to create their 2015 budgets. Every year it seems the budget process in most companies gets hijacked regardless of schedules, plans, meetings and good intentions to stay on track.

If You Are Not Playing In The UCaaS Market, You’re Missing Out Big Time
Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offers a largely untapped revenue opportunity for VARs and IT service providers. Are you ready to grab a piece of this $92 billion pie?
BYOD: To Secure or Not to Secure?

IT departments and line-of-business mangers have been dealing with the issue of bring your own device (BYOD) for the past decade. It has accelerated during the past five years as more workers have embraced mobile technology and have grown extremely dependent on them, whether they are in the workplace or somewhere else.

Opportunities Abound for Solution Providers

With summer coming to a quick close it’s time for solution providers to begin seriously planning for 2015. Next year and the years to follow should be ripe with opportunities for those solution providers that are willing to put in the time and dig deeper into their customer relationships, adapt to emerging technology trends and align themselves with new business partnerships.

Sales: Transactional vs. Value-Add Approaches

September is nearly upon us and, like it or not, the summer malaise is coming to an end sooner than most people would like. This is a crucial time of year for most businesses and ripe with opportunity. It is a time when business owners and managers need to close out strong and take advantage of any money still on the table but with an eye toward 2015.

Successfully Reaching the Next Generation

Every generation has issues with the generation that proceeds them. They don’t like their music or entertainment. They don’t understand their ways of communicating. They believe the younger generation doesn’t have the same interests, goals or work ethic.

Does Your Company Support the Power of Brandividuals?

Mobile devices and constant advancements in social media mean individuals have more reach and influence than ever before. In many cases, individuals have more notoriety than the companies they work for, creating the power of “brandividuals.”

Gartner: Solution Providers Integral to Success of IT Strategies

The business world is in the middle of a major transformation, mainly caused from the rapid pace of technology innovation. I’ve said it many times before that mobile technologies and cloud computing have changed not just the way organizations target and interact with their customers but their entire businesses processes as well.

3 Strategies for Successful Change Management

It has been said the only constant in business is change. Technology is moving at such a rapid pace that constant change has become the norm in most organizations, regardless of industry.

Mobility the Driving Force Behind Facebook Success

Facebook (FB) recorded record profits for its second quarter and solution providers should take notice, because it reinforces not only the tremendous growth of social media but, more specifically, the important role mobility is playing among tech users.

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Mellanox SX1012 Ethernet Switches for Scalable Networks

Mellanox describes its SX1012 Ethernet Switch family...More

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