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Christopher Tozzi has covered the channel for The VAR Guy on a freelance basis since 2008, with an emphasis on open source, Linux, virtualization, SDN, containers, data storage and related topics. He also teaches history at a major university in Washington, D.C. He occasionally combines these interests by writing about the history of software. His book on this topic, For Fun and Profit: A History of the Free and Open Source Software Revolution, is forthcoming with MIT Press.

DevOps Advantages: How DevOps Benefits Developers, Admins and Users

Heard of DevOps, but wondering which benefits it brings? Asking why organizations are adopting containers, microservices, Continuous Integration platforms and other DevOps tools?

ODPi Advances Hadoop Standards with Open Source Runtime Specification
The ODPi, a Linux Foundation collaborative project building, has moved one step closer to building a better integrated big data ecosystem based on open source technology. This week, it announced that several major Hadoop distributors have adopted its runtime standard.
Mozilla Pushes Online Privacy with New Open Source Funding Awards

Mozilla is funneling yet more money into the open source ecosystem. This week, the organization best known for the Firefox Web browser announced an award of $385,000 to fund eight open source projects, including several important online privacy platforms.

MapR Launches New Partner Program for Open Source Data Analytics
Converged data vendor MapR has launched a new global partner program for resellers and distributors to leverage the company's integrated data storage, processing and analytics platform. MapR, whose data processing and analytics technology is built on top of open source solutions that include Hadoop and Spark, already has a sizable channel presence. The new offering, which MapR announced Thursday, extends it further.
Fedora 24 Debuts with Red Hat OpenShift Origin for Easier Containers
Red Hat (RHT) is pushing its container software stack hard in Fedora 24, the latest version of the open source, Linux-based OS that the company uses as a proving ground for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).
Docker 1.12 Orchestration Features Mean Fewer Channel Partner Options
Docker's partner relationships are likely to change following the announcement this week of Docker Engine 1.12, which builds more orchestration features into the core Docker container platform.
Microservices: What They Mean and How They Impact the Channel
"Microservices" is fast becoming one of the newest buzzwords that IT decision makers need to know as DevOps redefines modern software application delivery. Here's a primer on what microservices mean and how the concept is affecting the channel.
CoreOS Expands Linux OS for Containers to China via Azure Cloud
CoreOS sees China as the next frontier for open source containerized infrastructure. This week, the company announced the availability of CoreOS Linux via the Microsoft Azure cloud in Chinese markets.
Canonical and Chef Add DevOps Options with Habitat and Snap Packages
DockerCon hasn't even started yet, but the channel has already seen two major open source DevOps announcements. Here's an overview of the latest news from Canonical about snap packages and Chef about its new app automation platform, Habitat.
A Brief History of Free and Open Source Software Licensing

Open source software licenses may not excite people as much as open source code, but they have been just as important in keeping software free. Open source licensing as we know it today didn't always exist, however. It evolved as programmers developed more sophisticated strategies regarding their intellectual property.

Do We Need a More Open, Private, "Decentralized" Internet? 6

Is it time to rebuild the Web? That's what Tim Berners-Lee and other Internet pioneers are now saying in response to concerns about censorship, electronic spying and excessive centralization on the Web.

7 Free Operating Systems Not Based on Linux, Windows or OS X 4

Microsoft's recent decision to offer FreeBSD images in the Azure cloud is a reminder that GNU/Linux is not the only game in town when it comes to alternative operating systems.

FreeBSD vs. Linux: Which Open Source OS Does Microsoft Now Love More? 6

Microsoft loves not only Linux but also FreeBSD -- or so its recent release of a FreeBSD image for the Azure cloud suggests. How much longer until the open source world stops questioning Redmond's engagement in the open source space?

Container and Microservices Myths: The Red Hat Perspective

What are containers and microservices? What are they not? These are questions that Lars Herrmann, general manager of Integrated Solutions Business Unit at Red Hat, answered recently for The VAR Guy in comments about popular container misconceptions and myths.

7 Open Source DevOps Products and Their Channel Impact

Here's a look at some of the key projects and products in the open source DevOps space, and an explanation of how each one will change the way organizations create and VARs integrate software.

5 Ways Open Source Programmers and Companies Make Money
June 10, 2016

Good point. This was drafted a while ago, before the ownCloud kerfuffle in April.

IoT Past and Present: The History of IoT, and Where It's Headed Today
May 3, 2016

Thanks for the pointer. I am unable to find proof that the Electrolux ever actually made it to market, though. A February 1999 Wired article (

Open Source and Android: A History of Google's Linux-Based Mobile OS
April 29, 2016

Re: the GPL, there is a bigger story I want to tell about the tendency to treat the GPL as an omnipotent solution to all of open source's problems. The quotes are examples of...

Richard Stallman Talks GNU, Linux, Terrorism and French Politics
April 19, 2016

I think few people would disagree that Torvalds and Stallman do not care about freedom "on the same level." Certainly Stallman cares more. But Torvalds's statements (e.g.,...

Understanding LXC and LXD, Canonical's Open Source Container Solution
April 18, 2016

The article says LXC has only started to become more widely known recently thanks to LXD. But it does not say LXC is newer than Docker. On the contrary, it points out that...

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