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Allison Francis is a writer, public relations and marketing communications professional with experience working with clients in industries such as business technology, telecommunications, healthcare, education, the trade show and meetings industry, travel/tourism, hospitality, consumer packaged goods and food/beverage. She specializes in working with B2B technology companies involved in hyper-converged infrastructure, managed IT services, business process outsourcing, cloud management and customer experience technologies. Allison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and marketing from Drake University. An Iowa native, she resides in Dallas, Texas.

Security Central: WikiLeaks Releases C.I.A. Hacking Documents, Dridex Banking Trojan Receives Upgrade
In what is being called the largest leak of C.I.A documents in history, WikiLeaks on Tuesday released thousands of documents that detailed sophisticated software tools used by the Agency to hack into smartphones, computers and even Internet-connected televisions.
Security Central: Verizon Acquires Yahoo at Slashed Price, Trump Administration to Increase Cybersecurity Spending
It finally happened. After much hemming and hawing, Verizon has finally scooped up Yahoo. The relationship of course comes with baggage, as Yahoo suffered two large-scale breaches in 2013 and 2014, the repercussions of which came to light just last year. So, as with any relationship pitfall, Verizon understandably told Yahoo it “needed some space” for awhile.
Security Central: RSA Cybersecurity Conference Reveals Inconvenient Truths, Organizations Lack Proper Technology to Thwart Attacks
This year’s annual RSA cybersecurity conference was brought to attendees by the color red. Cybersecurity threats have reached a whole new level, described as having earned “Code Red” status by Avivah Litan, a security analyst with Gartner. The weight of this new reality was palpable among attendees at show.
Security Central: Officials Investigate Congressional IT Contractors, Industry Cybersecurity and IoT Experts Join Forces
Five U.S. Capitol IT contractors are under investigation by federal law enforcement officials for alleged cyber shenanigans involving the computer network of the House of Representatives.
Security Central: Trump’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity is Stalled, Russia Charges Cybersecurity Experts with Treason
It appears that President Trump may have hit his first speed bump amid his flurry of executive orders. On Tuesday, Trump was supposed to sign an executive order to commission a review of the federal government’s cybersecurity capabilities and defenses. It didn’t exactly happen.
Security Central: Cybersecurity Advisor Rudy Giuliani Gets Hacked, Russia Nabs Kaspersky Cybercrime Hunter
Well, it was bound to happen. President Trump's appointed cybersecurity advisor Rudy Giuliani has been hacked. Him, and a boatload of other government folks. A Channel 4 investigation recently revealed that the passwords of Giuliani and 13 other officials, including cabinet members, have “been leaked in mass hacks."
Security Central: DDoS Attack Threatens Inauguration, CompTIA’s 2017 IT Industry Outlook Bright
Well folks, it’s here. Tomorrow, January 20, 2017 is inauguration day. Ever since the election, stories have been swirling about regarding protests, marches and boycotts of various kinds. For those not able to make the trek to our nation’s capital to protest in person, Juan Soberanis has a solution.
Security Central: Chief AI Officers Are Becoming a Necessity, DDoS-for-hire Serv
Security Central: Chief AI Officers Are Becoming a Necessity, DDoS-for-hire Services Are Still Thriving

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage in the technology community these days, but it may seem like a bit of a reach in terms of the channel. It’s hard to ignore, though, that these emerging technologies are already changing our daily lives, not to mention how business is being done and developed.

Security Central: The 2017 Bird Gets the Ransomworm, Trump's 10-year-old Son to Save U.S. Cybersecurity?
So, remember ransomware? Holds your precious data hostage and won’t give it back unless you pay the cyber crooks who stole it in the first place... that whole deal? Well get ready - unfortunately, that was just the warmup.
9 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2017 and What They Mean for the Channel
We reached out to our security experts to see what they thought 2017 would bring us in the cybersecurity space, and narrowed it down to nine solid predictions.
Security Central: Yahoo Breach Reveals Key User Takeaways, Americans Reveal Their Cyber-attack Perceptions
It has only been a few short months since Yahoo announced the largest data breach to date of, at the time, over 500 million accounts. Since then, forensics experts have been combing through scores of data and logs at Yahoo and discovered 1.5 billion accounts were compromised in 2013. Pause to let that soak in for a minute. Billion.
Security Central: Quest Diagnostics Suffers Breach, It’s Time to Disengage with “Security Deniers”
Healthcare is one of the largest industries out there, and it is still growing at an incredibly fast rate. It also happens to be the number one most targeted industry for cyber-attacks.
Security Central: Top Cybersecurity Priorities for Our 45th President, Global Cybersecurity Confidence Gets a Bad Grade
It seems that barely a week goes by without news of a major company breached, or a report with findings pointing to the dismal state of security and awareness, or something involving Russia - there have certainly been a few common themes.
The Holidays Mean Stealing Deals… and Data, Phishing Still Reeling in Suckers
For a lot of us, Thanksgiving means gobbling up turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, some weird casserole your aunt Mildred made and seven different kinds of pie, skillfully (or perhaps not so skillfully) navigating political conversations with relatives, wondering who at least half of the musical artists are on the floats in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and inevitably curling up in a ball of food-shame on the couch around midday. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The very next day, millions of folks across the country pull themselves out of their turkey comas at the crack of dawn to go shiver in long lines at Walmart and Best Buy, warmed by the shining promise of Black Friday deals and steals.
Security Central: FriendFinder Networks Gets Breached, Google Cracks Down on Mal
Security Central: FriendFinder Networks Gets Breached, Google Cracks Down on Malicious Sites
In the world of hackers these days, it seems to be all about making private - sometimes super private - information public. Remember the Ashley Madison breach that occurred last year? For this week’s first story, think a bit bigger.

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